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We have two ranges of Jute Bags - Express (from locally held stock) and also Factory Direct Wholesale for massive savings. Visit the appropriate gallery and then select the bag that is right for you.

Promotional Branded Jute Bags are an increasingly popular product type here in Australia. With a natural look and feel and manufactured from sustainable sources Jute is the choice for many different promotions and uses. We can have bags printed from local stock in 2 weeks and direct from the factory in 12-14 weeks.

Remember we can dispatch the same day if you need blank bags!

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Benefits of Using Jute Bags

Apart from the fact that because of its natural components jute bags are durable and long lasting, one of the benefits that we should take note of is that jute bags are made from natural materials hence these bags are reusable and recyclable. Nowadays, being able to help save the planet is an important and can have positive marketing benefits for your company too! We all know that non-biodegradable products and materials can and will eventually kill our home if we don't do something about it. Additionally, with an ever increasing population, the demands on the usage of items such as plastic is also increasing, this only means that we have to start protecting the Mother Earth as soon as we can, and start restricting the usages of these types of materials.

Let's take plastic shopping bags as an example. Imagine how many people go to different grocery stores each and every day, and how many plastic bags are being used. If this doesn't stop, there will come a time wherein the planet will be covered with plastic and suffocate the Earth, which in return will eventually kill all living things which includes us, humans. However, if everyone owns at least one or two Promotional Jute Bags to use every time they go shopping, they can always reuse them in the next purchases without the need for additional plastic bags.

Whatever the reason is for your purchase, bags are definitely something that people can find a good purpose for. Additionally, these cater to any gender and age, which make them perfect marketing products: better marketing solutions. - for smart marketing.

From a financial perspective, Jute Bags are very much less costly compared to other synthetic bags. Although of course, these bags may cost more when compared to plastic bags, but you have to accept that these are more like a onetime investment since people can always reuse them whenever they like. So if you do the maths, in the long run, using Jute Bags will cost you less.

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